Fire & Brimstone Ceramics

Fire & Brimstone is a Design & Ceramic Art Studio. Likewise, we produce our own unparalleled products as well as an excellent source for supplies to make your own personal pieces for your home.


Our goal is to provide support in an environment for you to enhance & bring to light your artistic side.

Personalize your table setting by making your own dishes or if you are a novice, just glaze one of our pieces & we will fire it in one of our kilns.

Products include; green ware, bisque ware, glazes, clay & art supplies. Additionally, we can special order for you project.


Fire and Brimstone has launched its own line of vintage products. The idea started years ago when Jeri Lynn inherited a group of molds from the 50’s. She has combined the different  shapes with vintage fabrics from the Mid Century Era to create a line that includes lamps, pillows, smoking stands and vintage treasure boxes. We have a master lampshade craftsman making midcentury shades for us an will be adding them to our one of a kind. lamps in the near future.

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